A prefabricated space for 21st century learning in maximum security prisons

3 Apr


Fiona McGregor, Kevin Bradley, Tasman Munro, Lucy Klippan, Douglas Tomkin and Rohan Lulham

In August 2012 the Designing Out Crime Research Centre was provided with a brief for the establishment of two new Intensive Learning Centres in maximum security prisons in NSW. The brief provided a new frame for considering an educational centre in a maximum security prison. Rather than being described as a secure educational environment for remedial learning, it was framed as a 21st Century learning environment with core values of citizenship, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and other key qualities consistent with obtaining employment and maintaining a life outside the justice system. To be built by NSW Corrective Service Industries (CSI) as prefabricated units and transported to the prison sites, DOC was engaged to bring together a design team to work with ILC and CSI staff to explore how the intentions for ILC could be materialized in the ILC design. In this presentation the design team will reflect and present on the genesis of the ILC program brief, its articulation into design intentions through consultation with inmates, staff and the relevant literature, and the design concepts that are currently being specified for the start of construction.


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